Cocktail Tutorial - How to make an amaretto sour

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We have recently launched a new cocktail menu, brimming with exotic blends and delicious tipples to sip on in the bar. We thought we’d give you a slice of the action and let you in on how to make some, introducing our King of cocktails, bar manager Rudi West.

Watch the video of how to make the cocktail, then give it a go yourself.


– The white from one egg
– 50ml Disaronno
– 12.5ml sugar syrup
– 25ml lemon juice
– Lemon slices to garnish


– Rocks glass
– Boston shaker
– A spirit measure
– Strainer


1. Place the egg white in the Boston shaker glass, discarding the yolk.

2. Add the disaronno, sugar syrup and lemon juice into the glass, place the lid of the shaker on firmly and shake.

3. Fill two thirds with ice and shake again.

4. Place cubed ice into your serving glass and strain the contents of the Boston shaker into it.

5. Garnish with the lemon wedges and serve.