Sneak Peek Cocktail Recipes

Posted by Paula Woodward in Cocktails,

The Beach Bar cocktail menu has been shaken up and refreshed by our talented mixologist, Rudi, who’s used his extensive cocktail knowledge to create delicious blends, individually designed to stir your imagination and satisfy your taste buds.

Not only has he provided us with a preview of what’s on the new cocktail menu landing on the bar in early 2017, he’s also shared some easy-to-follow recipes for you to try at home, to help anyone feel like a cocktail connoisseur. You know it’s going to be a good night when it starts with a cocktail, so come and get your party started…

Grey Goose Cranberry Mule

This cocktail is Rudi’s twist on the classic Moscow Mule, with added cranberries for a little zest and fiery ginger beer providing a real donkey kick.

What you’ll need:

– 50ml Grey Goose vodka

– 50ml cranberry juice

– 10-12 fresh cranberries

– 1 lime, quartered

– 50ml ginger beer

– Ice

– A cocktail shaker

– A muddler (a thick handled rolling pin will do)

– A sturdy serving glass, around 12oz in size

– Cocktail stick for serving

How to prepare:

1. Squeeze the limes into the glass and a drop the remains in.

2. Add eight of the cranberries and muddle the mixture, ensuring the lime and cranberries are crushed but not completely pulped.

3. Add the vodka and cranberry juice and stir with a drinks stirrer.

4. Add two or three ice cubes and top the mixture with the ginger beer.

5. Garnish with the remaining cranberries pierced onto the cocktail stick and serve.

Raspberry Mint Fizz

A refreshing and zesty blend guaranteed to quench anyone’s thirst, with one of your five-a-day thrown in for a guilt-free tipple… almost.

How to prepare:

– 25ml limoncello

– 1 scoop of raspberry sorbet

– A mint leaf, finely chopped or torn

– 50-75ml prosecco

– A coupe glass or something similar.

– Six fresh raspberries, keeping one aside to garnish

– Ice

– A cocktail shaker

– A muddler

How to prepare:

1. Place the raspberries, limoncello and sorbet into the cocktail and muddle the mixture to crush the raspberries and break the sorbet up.

2. Add a handful of ice, secure the top of the cocktail shaker and shake for about ten seconds.

3. Carefully drain the mix into the coupe and top with prosecco.

4. Garnish with a sprinkling of the mint leaf, a raspberry and serve.

Give Rudi’s cocktail recipes a go and show us your pictures of them by hashtagging #beachatbudecocktails on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.