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Bude was voted the ‘Best UK Coastal Town’ at the British Travel Awards at the end of 2018 – an accolade it also achieved in 2016 and 2017.

There are many things that make our award-winning town so special, but here are our top five reasons to visit Bude:

Bude Sea Pool

Known to be Bude’s number one attraction, the Online Phentermine Prescription is free to use all year round and provides a safe swimming area for those that may find the swell from the sea waves too daunting. This semi-natural pool is 91m long by 45m wide and was created in 1930s. Managed by the Friends of Bude Sea Pool charity, it welcomes around 50,000 visitors every year. 

Bude Canal

Whether you’re into walking, cycling, kayaking, fishing or taking it easy on a peddlo – the Bude Canal is a hub of activity for all paces of life. The two mile footpath alongside the canal and marshlands is perfect for admiring the vast array of Real Phentermine For Sale Online, so there’s plenty to see and do for the whole family on a day out. Bikes, kayaks and peddlos are all available to hire in Bude, making it easy to explore without bringing a car load on holiday with you.

Bude beaches

Well known for seaside holidays in Cornwall, Bude has two main beaches, Summerleaze and Crooklets, which are great for building sandcastles, Where Can I Buy Phentermine Diet Pills Online and many other watersports. The South West Coast Path also passes through these beaches, perfect for winter walks when the icy water and sunbathing on the golden sand isn’t so inviting.

The Castle Bude

Perched on the sand dunes overlooking Summerleaze Beach is the Grade II listed castle, home to three galleries showcasing work of local artists including art, pottery and photography. There is also a Heritage Centre where you can discover Bude’s rich history, with exhibitions and artefacts from a variety of collections, such as the Bude railway. Admission to the castle is free, providing a cultural and educational activity for all generations to enjoy.

And how could we not mention the newest addition…

Bude Tunnel

Not your typical tourist attraction, but the Bude Tunnel has become somewhat of a famous landmark in our coastal town. With five-star reviews and comments including ‘a tunnel like no other’, the 70m long tunnel which stretches from Sainsbury’s car park all the way to Crooklets Road is definitely worth a visit.

Providing undercover protection from all weathers (always a bonus in Cornwall where the weather can be a little unpredictable sometimes), it’s no wonder why the public take cover here to enjoy the spectacular sea views in Bude. A unique asset to the town.

Phentermine Online Uk

Join us for celebrations at The Beach at Bude and see in the New Year with a delicious menu created by head chef Jamie Coleman.

An example menu from last year is below, and look out for this year’s menu coming soon. For more information, call the team on 01288 389800.


Smoked sea trout mousse, brioche, beetroot gel, sea trout, apple & dill tartar, beetroot sorbet and trout caviar

Poached cod fillet, pancetta foam, roasted cauliflower, wild mushroom & pancetta cracker, caramelised cauliflower puree and a pancetta, girolle, pickled clam & hazelnut dressing

Roasted lamb striploin, almond crumb, broccoli ginger almond & chilli puree, potato & confit lamb terrine, charred broccoli, anise carrots, butter baked garlic and spiced red current lamb jus

Blackcurrant sorbet, poached & raw pear ‘tartar’, ginger & oat crumb and candied ginger

Dark chocolate & passionfruit dome, passionfruit curd, chocolate & olive oil ganache, chocolate crumb and passionfruit dressing

Phentermine Where To Buy Uk

Our 2018 Christmas menu has arrived.

Head chef Joe Simmonds has created a three course delight, which will be available from 3rd – 23rd December, priced at £32.50 per person.

Find the full menu below, and call the team on 01288 389800 to book.



Ordering Phentermine From Mexico, Buy Phentermine On Ebay

With cinnamon & pumpkin rolls

Smoked Salmon

With gin & tonic gel, cucumber & mint salad, pickled shallots, charred cucumber, lemon mayonnaise

Venison “Christmas Pudding”

With brandy fruit, pickled blackberries, glazed chestnuts, brandy cream sauce

Poached Pear

with walnut crumb, whipped blue cheese, mulled wine gel, celery & red onion dressing, candied walnuts



Turkey “Sausage Roll”

With bread sauce, sweet pickled red cabbage, wilted Kale, Parisienne potatoes, cranberry gel, turkey gravy

Honey Mustard Glazed Ham Loin

With pancetta croquettes, roasted broccolini, chard, Black Bomber mash, caper, hazelnut, lemon brown butter

Squid Ink Cod

With port & cinnamon risotto, seared baby squid, parsley lemon dressing, salt baked beetroot

Sprout & Artichoke Tarte Fine

With fermented hispi cabbage, truffle artichoke puree, roasted sprout, roasted chestnuts



Christmas Pudding Baked Alaska

With brandy cream, meringue, Christmas pudding crumb

Chestnut Praline Parfait

With port figs, ginger cake, Speculoos biscuit

Chocolate Orange Tart

With tonka bean ice cream, poached orange and orange crisp

Local Festive Cheeseboard

With crackers and port

Purchase Phentermine And Topiramate

Dry January is officially over, and to celebrate the occasion we’re sharing a delicious cocktail for you to try at home. Combining zesty lime, fresh mint, and prosecco, this cocktail is a brilliant twist on a classic mojito, with a refreshingly exotic flavour that we can’t get enough of.

Skinny Prosecco is also lower in sugar than your average bottle of bubbly, so it’s a healthier option if you’re sticking to the clean eating plan. Have a go at making the cocktail yourself at home, or head to our bar and request one.




– 1 lime sliced into quarters

– 25ml  gomme syrup

– 10 mint leaves

– 50ml white rum

– Skinny prosecco



– Muddle the lime and mint leaves in the bottom of a sturdy glass,

– Add the gomme syrup and continue to muddle,

– Half fill the glass with ice and pour over the rum,

– Carefully transfer the mix to your desired serving glass,

– Fill to the top with Skinny Prosecco.