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The Brown Banana cocktail is a new favourite here at The Beach bar. It’s the ultimate indulgent drink which is the perfect accompaniment to a dessert, or simply enjoyed on its own of an evening.

With this super simple cocktail recipe, you can now make it in the comfort of your own home too.



  • 50ml Mozart chocolate liqueur
  • 25ml vanilla vodka
  • 12.5ml crème de banana
  • 12.5ml double cream (plus 100ml for the topping)



  • Add the chocolate liqueur, vanilla vodka, crème de banana and double cream into a cocktail shaker
  • Securely fasten the lid and shake vigorously for 10 seconds
  • Whip up 100ml of double cream
  • Pour the contents of the cocktail shaker into a serving glass and top with the whipped cream
  • Garnish with a mint sprig



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A very popular cocktail in our bar, the Strawberry Sherbet Fizz is the ultimate summer drink, blending refreshing strawberry sorbet with bubbly prosecco for a decadent treat to enjoy on the terrace. Seeing as it’s such a hit in the bar, we thought we’d share the super simple cocktail recipe so you can make it at home too.

Strawberry Sherbert Fizz

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  • Add the strawberry sorbet and Giffard Crème de Fraise des bois to your chosen serving glass (we’ve opted for a champagne glass for added glamour)
  • Crush the sorbet with a spoon and gently stir the mixture together
  • Add the prosecco to just below the rim of the glass and stir carefully, enquiring the prosecco doesn’t fizz too vigorously
  • Use a sharp knife to create a slit in the bottom of the fresh strawberry and place it on the rim of the glass along with the lemon rind
  • If you’ve chosen a short glass to serve the cocktail in, you could add a biodegradable straw for easier drinking.


Where Can I Buy Phentermine Diet Pills Online

We have asked our wonderful bar team to share the recipe for one of the most popular cocktails on the menu: a lemongrass martini.

If you’re having friends round this weekend, shake them up this cocktail. Its guaranteed to impress, with a fresh, zingy flavour that everyone will love.


  • 50ml Olmeca Blanco tequila
  • 15ml Giffard triple sec
  • 15ml Lemongrass syrup
  • 1 fresh lime, quartered


  • Add the tequila, triple sec and lime juice to a cocktail shaker
  • Add a few handfuls of ice until the cocktail shaker is two-thirds full
  • Securely fasten the lid and shake vigorously for 10-15 seconds
  • If you’d like to salt rim your glass, sprinkle a teaspoon of sea salt in a flat, wide dish. Using a segment of the squeezed lime, wipe the flesh around the rim of the glass to wet it, and then dip the rim in the salt.
  • Strain the liquid mixture into your serving glass and fill with ice.
  • Top with your choice of garnish. We went for a slice of orange, a spiral of lime rind and a biodegradable straw.



Phentermine Online Uk

We have a delicious mocktail Phentermine Where To Buy Uk at the moment, the perfect antidote to feeling left out if you’re the designated driver or attempting to go alcohol-free. Blending an exotic combination of fresh passionfruit, lime and pineapple, the flavours mix together perfectly, resulting in a delicious drink with a healthy dose of fruit too, and we’ve shared the mocktail recipe.

If your busy schedule doesn’t allow for a drink in the bar, try and make this tropical drink at home.


  • One fresh passionfruit, halved
  • One lime halved (in order to recreate the lime garnish in our cocktail, peel a spiral from the lime using a paring knife before slicing the fruit in half)
  • A tablespoon of mango purée
  • 250ml pineapple juice
  • 15ml Monin vanilla syrup



  • Spoon the flesh from one half of the passionfruit into a tall serving glass.
  • Add the mango purée, pineapple juice, Monin syrup and the juice from half of the lime.
  • Stir the mixture carefully and top with ice.
  • Spoon the remaining passionfruit flesh onto the top of the ice, and top with your choice of garnish. We went for a slice of orange, a spiral of lime rind and a sprig of fresh mint with a biodegradable straw.


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Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to indulge your other half, or yourself, so in celebration of the most romantic day of year, we’ve shared our recipe for a chocolate and strawberry martini, a deliciously decadent blend that is super easy to make.

Shake the cocktail up at home to woo your other half, or invite your friends round and celebrate singledom together.



– One tablespoon of strawberry jam
– 25ml creme de Cacao
– 25ml vanilla Absolut Vodka
– 25ml framboise liqueur
– 25ml of strawberry puree or strawberry sorbet
– 50ml of champagne
– a 50ml glass
– a cocktail shaker
– Combine all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker and shake vigorously for one minute.
– Strain the cocktail into your chosen serving glass and serve alongside a shot of champagne for an extra dash of decadence.


*This recipe has a reasonably subtle chocolate flavour. For more intensive flavour add 25ml of creme de cacao blanc.
Order Phentermine Online Forum

Our new cocktail menu is the perfect selection of drinks for summer, with vibrant flavours and refreshing blends that should most definitely be enjoyed in the sunshine. We thought we’d let you in on how to re-create two of our nonalcoholic mocktails, a cucumber and mint limeade, and a ginger and jalapeno lemonade, which couldn’t be easier to make. If a mocktail just won’t cut it, add a shot of your favourite gin and enjoy.




– 4 slices of cucumber

– 4 lime wedges

– a handful of mint leaves

– 25ml sugar syrup

– 35ml lime juice

– 25ml elderflower cordial.



– Muddle the cucumber, lime and mint in the bottom of a glass.

– Half fill the cup with ice, add the remaining ingredients and stir.

– Fill the glass to the top with crushed ice, and add soda.





– 1 small slice of fresh root ginger

– 1 small chilli

– 35ml fresh lemon juice

– 35ml sugar syrup

– 10ml jalapeno syrup



– Muddle the ginger and chilli in the bottom of a glass,

– Half fill the cup with ice, add the remaining ingredients and stir,

– Fill the glass to the top with crushed ice, and add soda.


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Our cocktail menu is brimming with sophisticated blends and delicious tipples that are perfect to sip on in the bar or on the terrace. We thought we’d give you a slice of the action and let you in on learn how to make one of the most popular cocktails on the menu: a passion martini.

Passion Martini

Let our bar manager Rudi West take you through the steps to make a passion martini at home.


– 25ml Passoa
– 50ml Absolut vanilla vodka
– 50ml passionfruit purée
– 25ml lime juice
– 12.5ml vanilla syrup
– Prosecco
– Half a passionfruit


Equipment you will need:

– A spirit measure
– Boston cocktail shaker
– Two serving glasses, one coupé for the martini and a shot glass for prosecco
– Strainer



1. Chill your serving glass by filling it with ice and set aside.

2. Place all ingredients apart from the prosecco in the Boston cocktail shaker.

3. Fill the shaker with ice, place the lid on firmly and shake for 10 to 15 seconds.

4. Remove the ice from the serving glass.

5. Separate the Boston shaker, place the strainer on top and pour into the chilled serving glass.

6. Top with the passionfruit half and serve with a shot glass of prosecco.



Buy Phentermine 30Mg Yellow Capsule

We have recently launched a great new cocktail menu in our bar, which has a great selection of delicious blends, along with some classic favourites too. We thought we’d give you a slice of the cocktail action and let you in on how to make some yourself at home, with an easy-to-follow video tutorial from our talented bar manager Rudi West.

Watch the video of how to make an espresso martini cocktail, then give it a go yourself.


– 50ml Absolut vanilla vodka
– 25ml creme de cacao
– 25ml Kahlua
– 25ml vanilla syrup
– One shot of espresso
– Coffee beans to garnish
– Ice


– Rocks glass
– Boston shaker
– A spirit measure


1. Chill your serving glass by filling it with ice and setting aside.

2.Place all ingredients in the glass half of the Boston cocktail shaker, fill the glass with ice, place the lid of the shaker on firmly and shake.

3.Remove the ice from the serving glass. Separate the Boston shaker, place the strainer on top and pour into the chilled serving glass for a lovely frothy finish.

4.Top with three coffee beans and serve.


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We have recently launched a new cocktail menu, brimming with exotic blends and delicious tipples to sip on in the bar. We thought we’d give you a slice of the action and let you in on how to make some, introducing our King of cocktails, bar manager Rudi West.

Watch the video of how to make the cocktail, then give it a go yourself.


– The white from one egg
– 50ml Disaronno
– 12.5ml sugar syrup
– 25ml lemon juice
– Lemon slices to garnish


– Rocks glass
– Boston shaker
– A spirit measure
– Strainer


1. Place the egg white in the Boston shaker glass, discarding the yolk.

2. Add the disaronno, sugar syrup and lemon juice into the glass, place the lid of the shaker on firmly and shake.

3. Fill two thirds with ice and shake again.

4. Place cubed ice into your serving glass and strain the contents of the Boston shaker into it.

5. Garnish with the lemon wedges and serve.


Phentermine 37.5Mg 90 Pills

The Beach Bar cocktail menu has been shaken up and refreshed by our talented mixologist, Rudi, who’s used his extensive cocktail knowledge to create delicious blends, individually designed to stir your imagination and satisfy your taste buds.

Not only has he provided us with a preview of what’s on the new cocktail menu landing on the bar in early 2017, he’s also shared some easy-to-follow recipes for you to try at home, to help anyone feel like a cocktail connoisseur. You know it’s going to be a good night when it starts with a cocktail, so come and get your party started…

Grey Goose Cranberry Mule

This cocktail is Rudi’s twist on the classic Moscow Mule, with added cranberries for a little zest and fiery ginger beer providing a real donkey kick.

What you’ll need:

– 50ml Grey Goose vodka

– 50ml cranberry juice

– 10-12 fresh cranberries

– 1 lime, quartered

– 50ml ginger beer

– Ice

– A cocktail shaker

– A muddler (a thick handled rolling pin will do)

– A sturdy serving glass, around 12oz in size

– Cocktail stick for serving

How to prepare:

1. Squeeze the limes into the glass and a drop the remains in.

2. Add eight of the cranberries and muddle the mixture, ensuring the lime and cranberries are crushed but not completely pulped.

3. Add the vodka and cranberry juice and stir with a drinks stirrer.

4. Add two or three ice cubes and top the mixture with the ginger beer.

5. Garnish with the remaining cranberries pierced onto the cocktail stick and serve.

Raspberry Mint Fizz

A refreshing and zesty blend guaranteed to quench anyone’s thirst, with one of your five-a-day thrown in for a guilt-free tipple… almost.

How to prepare:

– 25ml limoncello

– 1 scoop of raspberry sorbet

– A mint leaf, finely chopped or torn

– 50-75ml prosecco

– A coupe glass or something similar.

– Six fresh raspberries, keeping one aside to garnish

– Ice

– A cocktail shaker

– A muddler

How to prepare:

1. Place the raspberries, limoncello and sorbet into the cocktail and muddle the mixture to crush the raspberries and break the sorbet up.

2. Add a handful of ice, secure the top of the cocktail shaker and shake for about ten seconds.

3. Carefully drain the mix into the coupe and top with prosecco.

4. Garnish with a sprinkling of the mint leaf, a raspberry and serve.

Give Rudi’s cocktail recipes a go and show us your pictures of them by hashtagging #beachatbudecocktails on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.